WOODCLYN® is an innovative wood cleaning agent for professional use. The technology developed on the basis of microorganisms helps break down the oil products present in treated wood into environment-safe compounds. Our specialists will help you determine the exact usage guidelines for your individual case.

Cleaning of creosote-treated wood

In order to increase the longevity of wooden sleepers or utility poles, they are processed with creosote which protects wood from moisture and rot. However, this chemical is hazardous and wood processed with it may endanger human health and environment.

WOODCLYN technology

We offer an alternative: the experts of ESSPO have developed a new product WOODCLYN on the basis of biotechnologies. This new generation agent breaks down the foundation of creosote – polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). The microorganisms contained in the product use polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) as a source of their food and transform them into environment- and human-friendly compounds H2O and CO2.


Benefits WOODCLYN:

Convenient. This technology is easily applicable under various conditions.

Organic. Does not cause secondary pollution and does not endanger people or the surrounding environment.

Sustainable. Cleaned wood can be used as regular biofuel.

Cost efficient. This technology is the cheapest way to solve issues of such nature.