NEWCLYN is a new generation product for purification of polluted soil developed on the basis of biotechnologies. The microorganisms contained in the product use oil hydrocarbons as a source of their food; therefore, they break them down into substances which are not harmful to people or the environment.

Intended use of the product

Despite high focus on ecology, the petroleum industry fails to avoid pollution by oil products of various types: accidents occur while operating oil drills or transporting oil products, waste is generated when processing oil products as well as other ecology-related events are not avoided.

As these pollution-related situations are solves by the usual, obsolete methods, other issues arise: the solutions are not environmentally-friendly, it is difficult to cope with high concentrations of oil pollutants, the solutions are not efficient; therefore, companies avoid handling the issues but rather hide them.

EWCLYN technology

The old technologies of liquidation of oil pollutants (waste incineration, use of chemicals) do not meet modern environmental requirements any more. The society puts pressure on business in order for them to choose environment- and human-friendly solutions.

Benefits of NEWCLYN:

Effective. This technology is effective even in case of a high concentration of oil products: it has a great effect even in case of 300 g/kg or more.

Broad usage. It has a great effect even when aiming to break down heavy oil hydrocarbons (C30-40).

Natural. The product restores natural characteristics of the soil and water.

Cost efficient. This technology is the cheapest way to solve issues of such nature.

Organic. Does not cause secondary pollution and does not endanger people or the surrounding environment.