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JSC ESSPO is a company treading in the direction of innovations which creates, manufactures and supplies advanced ice and snow melts for the airports of North Eastern and Central European countries. Biotechnologies, research and development, manufacture and trade in wood and thermally modified wood, development and supply of chemical admixtures to concrete as well as trade in metals and their products are included in the range of our business harmoniously. JSC ESSPO also manages subsidiaries in foreign countries as well as is a shareholder of JSC Galanis, a company manufacturing prefabricated houses.

Having started is business as an importer of chemicals produced by foreign manufacturers three decades ago, JSC ESSPO develops, manufactures, patents and exports reagents to foreign countries by itself today. Because of the talented team, impeccable management of logistics processes, expedience and flexibility, the company earns exceptional trust of international customers, civil and military airports.

We purposefully focus on sustainability, efficiency and harmonious development; therefore, we integrate environmentally-friendly practices respecting environmental requirements into everyday business processes. We believe that sustainable solutions lead to progress and a friendlier relationship with the environment.


We prioritize reliability, impeccable reputation and predictability first of all by setting the highest quality standards for ourselves and strictly adhering to them.

When cooperating with JSC ESSPO, companies can enjoy simplified processes, higher efficiency and reliable results.



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