ESSPO presents thermally modified wood products made of ash

Constantly aiming to develop the assortment of its products and to meet the customers’ needs, the company ESSPO presents with pleasure thermally modified wood products made of ash. It is a new step in the products of thermally modified wood made of northern pine and spruce which our customers have already tried and ascertained of their quality.

Thermally modified ash wood has unique characteristics which emphasize the advantages of thermally modified wood even more: top-level durability, stability, absence of knots and rich colour. This not only supplements the assortment of thermally modified wood but also opens up new possibilities for the customers to implement their projects using wood products of exceptional quality.

The products are great for various areas construction, décor and interior design projects. Their versatility and aesthetics enable implementing ideas from modern to classic designs.

ESSPO undertakes to manufacture environment-friendly products which applies to this type of wood as well. The process of thermally modified wood meets the high environmental protection standards as it reduces the impact of the nature.

We invite you to try the new thermally modified ash wood and ascertain of its advantages.

Thank you for choosing our products!

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