ESSPO supplies sustainable thermally modified wood solutions

The demand for environment-friendly thermally modified wood increases as the benefit and necessity of sustainable solutions are increasingly more valued.

Thermally modified wood is wood treated with heat (180–230°C) in special chambers. It is a sustainable and aesthetically attractive solution obtained by treating wood thermally without any chemicals. It is an especially versatile construction material suitable for both indoor and outdoor finishing work.

Thermal treatment provides the wood with resistance to temperature fluctuations, moisture, rot and fungi, increases its durability and insulation as well as maintains stabile dimensions.

Thermally modified wood is an especially popular solution for outdoor terraces and saunas; it is increasingly more popular for both indoor and outdoor finishing. High-quality, dense and durable spruce wood treated with heat is an especially reliable and attractive construction material.

The team of ESSPO Wood offers a broad assortment of wood and its products; therefore, we will be able to help you irrespective of what your project is! Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to purchase high-quality thermally modified wood at competitive prices.