ESSPO celebrated the 30th anniversary of the company

The staff of ESSPO celebrated the 30th anniversary of successful business of the company.

Brief history of the company

  • JSC ESSPO started operating in June 1992 as Kęstutis Pakeltis’ Individual Enterprise Tauras. Main business of the company was wholesale of chemical (import/export). The sector of chemicals has been accompanying the company since the very beginning until nowadays; only the specifics and areas of business change.
  • The status of the company was changed from an Individual Enterprise to a Private Limited Liability Company (JSC) and the company’s name Tauras was changed to ESSPO in 2003.
  • The volumes of the company have increased by nearly 30 times in 30 years.

Main operations:

  • Manufacture and trade in ice melts for the runways of airports. The products are supplied to the airports of over 20 European countries.
  • Trade in raw wood, organization of manufacture and trade in wood products.
  • Smaller-scope operations: cleaning of polluted soil as well as development of new innovative products and technologies.
  • The company is also a shareholder in other subsidiaries and invests in new partnerships and businesses.