Wood products



ESSPO, UAB is part-owner of a production facility of wooden prefabricated structures. The company manages complex supply chains, cooperates integrally with the manufacturing industry companies, and provides dried wood and its products for international clients.

As a partner in the production facility, we guarantee excellent supply and highest quality raw materials.

As a supplier of raw materials and in developing our wood business we have a wide network of partners in both Western and Eastern markets.

We continue to grow our range of activities both through our production facility and the direct supply of timber to companies.

Thanks to our strong partners and many years of market know-how we are not limited to sales of only raw wood but can supply a range of other wood products – biofuel, granules, briquettes, planks, etc. – on an international basis.

With our understanding of the challenges facing our customers in terms of production, quality of raw material and supply chain issues, and our focus on efficiency, we pay special attention to planning, identifying reliable partners and process improvement.