Oil decontamination

Our NEWCLYN microbiological product breaks down oil contaminants using special microorganisms. It is a quicker and more efficient way to repay our debt to nature.

NEWCLYN is a product and technology designed to purify ground or wastewater contaminated by oil hydrocarbons. NEWCLYN restores primary characteristics of ground and water as well as enabling compliance with the strictest environmental protection requirements.

This decomposes oil contaminants using special microorganisms that use oil hydrocarbons as a food source and turn them into compounds that are not toxic to people or the environment: water (H2O) and carbon hydroxide (CO2).

It is a new generation of purification technology that is able to break down not only light but also heavy oil hydrocarbons and is significantly superior to incineration or chemical purification of oil-containing waste in respect of its efficiency and ecology. NEWCLYN technology removes contaminants more quickly and acts at higher concentrations of contaminants.

We offer the NEWCLYN product, decontamination services and consultations both to Lithuanian and overseas oil-processing facilities, companies involved in hydrocarbon extraction, transportation and storage of oil or its products as well as other companies.

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