Liquid and granulated Nordway deicing agents developed by us for airports, roads or highways. Effective, ready-for-use, environment- and pavement-friendly.

We develop, produce and supply two types of Nordway deicers:


These Nordway deicing agents are based on potassium acetate (Nordway-KA) or potassium formate (Nordway-KF) and are usually used in especially heavy snow or ice conditions. It is an easy-to-use, colourless and odourless, biodegradable and environment-friendly ice remover, the unique chemical composition of which protects concrete or asphalt pavement as well as protecting metals and other materials from corrosion.


These deicers are based on potassium acetate (Nordway-NA) or potassium formate (Nordway-NF); we also offer an agent based on a mix of NA and NF. Granulated ice-removers are sprinkled onto the pavement in case of less compacted snow and ice and have longer effect. They are easy-to-use, biodegradable and environment-friendly ice removers which protect the pavement, metals and other materials used in civil engineering.


We are market leaders in Eastern and Central Europe, we cooperate with the civil and military airports from 20 countries. We have earned such customer’s trust not only because of the quality of our products: we control an especially efficient chain of logistics which enables accurate, safe and timely delivery of the products. We are flexible, listen to our customers, offer the most optimal solutions for today and develop innovations for tomorrow.


Nordway deicers comply with all main international requirements for safety, effect on aircraft metals, environment, people, animals, aquatic organisms and pavement surfaces. We perform tests and certification of our products in:

  • the laboratory of Scientific Material International in the USA in accordance with AMS 1431 and AMS 1435 standards;
  • VTI Institute in Sweden (effect on asphalt and concrete pavements);
  • LIMA-AMIL in Canada (effectiveness of agents);
  • Environmental Hygiene and Toxicology Institute in Germany (effect on soil, water and wastewater).